Yan and Donald’s Wedding at The Canal

One of my highlights of summer ’16 was shooting Yan and Donald’s wedding @ The Canal in Seattle/Ballard, WA. I met with the couple almost a year ago and felt a great connection as we mapped out the wedding day and shot list. Their story is quite wonderful, as they met at the University of Washington and bonded through¬†Yan teaching Chinese to Donald.

Fast forward to the wedding day. The initial sunshine soon turned into overcast, which led to rain. However, the elements had no effect on Yan and Donald. Their photos were first taken at Donald’s place, where they also had their First Look. After those shots, we drove over to Ballard Locks towards the venue (The Canal). This location is familiar to me and it was a lot of fun taking their family pictures and seeing the couple work their magic in front of the camera.

Looking back at these pictures, I recall how much fun I had. Seriously. The couple knew how to keep the day upbeat and laid back at the same time. Congratulations Donald and Yan!

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