Erika and Roland’s Wedding at The Pickering Barn

Erika & Roland
Venue: The Pickering Barn
2nd Photographer: Gloria Louie

Erika and Roland reached out to me over a year ago to capture their engagement session and wedding day. I’m really glad they did because it has truly been one of the liveliest experiences. There is an unique chemistry between Erika and Roland, which makes photographing them so much fun. They know exactly how to make each other laugh and reveal their soft sides.

The wedding day started off with Erika and the bridesmaids getting ready at the Hyatt Hotel in Bellevue, WA. My assistant Gloria met back up at The Pickering Barn in Issaquah, WA, where the two parties eventually came together. The weather was warm and pleasant, with the sun beaming throughout the day. Erika and Roland also beamed throughout their special day, recalling nostalgic memories of when they met at the University of Washington. It’s evident that they’ve grown stronger and closer to each other over the years, making this milestone of a day that much more exciting.

I hope you can sense their uplifting and upbeat attitudes in these photos. As a photographer, it really makes my job easier when their smiles and laughter are infectious. Congratulations Erika and Roland! Keep being you.