Suzi and David’s 5 Year Anniversary

Locations: Georgetown / Lincoln Park / Pier 66

Suzi and David have been great friends of mine over the past few years. Because of this, it was extra special having the opportunity to document some pictures as they celebrated 5 years of marriage together.

We started the session in Georgetown, as the couple wanted to begin with more of an urban vibe to the images. I complimented on their attires, especially Suzi’s jacket because it gave the pictures a certain “edge.” As a┬ácouple though, they are anything but edgy around each other. They’re constantly teasing, cackling, and enjoying each other.

Afterwards, we moved along to Lincoln Park, located in West Seattle. It’s one of my favorite parks due to its trails, shelters for BBQ, and a nice little beach with some drift wood. A great setting for more pictures as the sun was going down. As these images were taken during the “wildfires week,” you’ll notice how the sky was still hazy. Nonetheless, David and Suzi quickly changed and strolled along the beach for more anniversary moments.

We ended the session with a quick stop along the water front. On top of Pier 66, we enjoyed the twilight hour with the Seattle city lights glowing in the background. It was a fun way to end the evening with these two. 5 years is a solid milestone, so congratulations!

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