Rachel and Paolo’s Wedding at Alki Beach

Rachel and Paolo’s wedding at Alki Beach in Seattle, WA was an excellent way to wrap up the summer of weddings. It has been a lot of fun working with different clients in 2016. I had the amazing opportunities to shoot on trails, water fronts, parks, forests, and the very best that nature has to provide. Rachel and Pablo allowed me to photograph their big day at another trademark spot here in the Pacific Northwest @ Alki. Their ceremony and reception were held at Salty’s, while our intimate portrait session took place around the dock.

Pablo and Rachel met through a friend while Pablo was DJ’ing an event. You can imagine how much fun they are to be around! It truly shows while I was taking their photos, as the couple would essentially interact and do their thing while I’m just seamlessly snapping away. It was easy for me because both Rachel and Pablo’s smiles were awesome. And not to sound clich√©, but do check out some of the images below…you’ll see how Rachel’s smile lights up the room.

Another highlight from their wedding day was seeing Rachel’s family celebrate their marriage by flying in from England. You’ll notice an image below of a mini flag of both the United States and England. It was truly a celebration of culture and love between two individuals and two families. R & P – Thank you both for giving me the honor to document this wonderful wedding!

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