Marit and Zack’s Wedding at Point Defiance Zoo

Planning a wedding can often be hectic and exhausting. From interacting with my clients over the years, I have noticed that as long as they are genuinely happy with what they want, it makes the wedding day memorable. A big part of that is the venue itself. Having photographed at a range of different venues (from meadows to museums), one that definitely stuck out this year was capturing Marit and Zack’s big day at the Point Defiance Zoo.

The couple chose this specific zoo because Zack took Marit on their first date at this location. I’m glad they did because it made for some unique moments. After the zoo closed down to the public, the ceremony area was held near the front entrance. You can see the view of Mt. Rainier looming in the background. And you can’t forget about the animals at a zoo, as the zoo trainers brought out an amazing tiger for all the guests to see. It was quite the spectacle.

Zack and Marit had a lot of fun and it really shows in the pictures. Much thanks to the couple for making my experience memorable.

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