Marcus and Reanna: Wedding at the Monte Cristo Ballroom

Back in late Spring of 2015, Marcus and Reanna held a thrilling wedding at the Monte Cristo Ballroom, located in Everett, WA. Everett is roughly 15-20 miles north of Seattle and has a humble and exquisite taste to it. It reminds me of a small town. The setting had a nice contrast to Marcus and Reanna and their wedding party. Friends, guests, and family members packed the Monte Cristo Ballroom to celebrate their marriage.

During the reception, several slideshows were shown of Marcus and Reanna. As each photo was displayed for everyone to see, I could feel the closeness within each family. Both Marcus and Reanna’s families deeply care about them and the emotions were very special. I’m honored to have taken part in their big day and hope you enjoy these photos as much as I do.

Venue: Monte Cristo Ballroom
Photographer: Steven Zhang
2nd Photographer: Gloria Louie

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