Kevin and Paige’s Wedding at Jardin del Sol

Location: Jardin del Sol (Snohomish, WA)

This summer, I photographed a beautiful wedding at the Jardin del Sol for Kevin and Paige. This venue is unique not only because it’s a bit away from the city, but the layout is intricately thought out and prepared. I had a chance to speak to the venue’s owner and she explained she strategically designed this amazing location. There is a barn, two ponds, a stunning courtyard area for the ceremony, and details sprinkled across the venue. It’s a great place for wedding photos and I’m glad Kevin and Paige picked full movie Rings 2017 online

The couple was a lot of fun to work with during their engagement session back in December. Fast forward almost 7 months later, it was exciting to capture their big day. Paige’s wedding dress was very elegant and Kevin was decked out in his crisp military attire. All of Kevin’s groomsmen were also part of the military and showed up in their respective outfits. I could feel the excitement between Kevin and Paige as they celebrated the next chapter of their lives. Another highlight of the day was seeing the comradery between the families. Several of them also previously served the country and it was cool to see them share their stories with one Power Rangers 2017

I hope your youthful energy and smiles continue to grow in your marriage, Kevin and Paige!

2nd Photographer: Zoe Li

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