Janice and Garrett: Engagement Session

I have an interesting back-story working with Janice and Garrett for their engagement and upcoming wedding later this year. When I met up with Janice back in the winter to discuss photographing for them, she mentioned, “I think I knew you when we were kids.” I soon realized Janice was a childhood friend when we were just a few years old. After 20+ years, I re-encounter her and have the honor to photograph her engagement and wedding. Small world, right?

Janice and Garrett were interested in shooting on a bridge, so I brought them to one of my favorite spots in Seattle for pictures. The design of this specific bridge is kind of wild and fun, just like this couple’s energy. I barely had to ask them to smile because laughing and beaming came so natural for Janice and Garrett. It was evident they truly enjoyed the company of one another and had a great time. It’s always a lot of fun for me as a photographer to simply “be there” and the majority of the work is simply displayed effortlessly by the energetic couple. I hope you all enjoy these photos as much as I do. I’m definitely looking forward to capturing their wedding later this year!

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