Gloria and Jan’s Engagement Session at Franklin Falls

Once in a while, the light, weather, and natural elements all come together at the right time to create a magical moment caught on camera. I think the phrase “lighting in a bottle” is fitting. This is how I felt during Jan and Gloria’s engagement session a few months ago.

Jan’s favorite type of landmark is a waterfall, so the couple decided to have their engagement pictures taken at Franklin Falls trial, located in the Snoqualmie region in Washington. This trial was absolutely amazing. Not only did the scenery showcase towering trees and bushes, it also included a river, rocks, and of course, a majestic waterfall.

We explored the entire trail and took many pictures along the way. When we arrived at the waterfall, I was amazed by how high and close we were able to get. That view itself was enough for me to walk away with some satisfying images. However, as I shot them at this location, there was a momentary break in the sky where the sun peaked out. This resulted in a rainbow that hovered alongside the waterfall, creating one of the coolest moments I have seen in a long time while capturing photos.

I had a great time working with Jan and Gloria on this shoot. They were accommodating and were willing to explore and “chase the light” with me. As you can see from the set, the lighting that day provided some dreamy vibes in some of the images. I’m definitely looking forward to photographing their upcoming wedding next year!

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