Garrett and Janice’s Wedding at Fairwood Country Club

Wedding season this past summer winded down with Garrett and Janice’s wedding at the Fairwood Country Club in Renton, WA. The venue itself has a golf course (rode in golf carts at one point!), an intimate ceremony area, and a beautiful indoor setting for the reception.

As the groomsmen were getting ready and had a bit of down time, it was fun seeing them enjoy some pool. Garrett and Janice didn’t see each other until the ceremony, so they each exchanged gifts to build up the anticipation. Their expressions were priceless while opening the gift and reading the card.

As Janice walked down the aisle, it was clearly an emotional moment for the family and Garrett. I mentioned it before in their previous engagement blog, but I knew Janice back when we were kids, so this moment was also pretty cool for me. I simply loved working with this couple. At one point, Garrett drove a golf cart and I sat next to him photographing Janice riding in another cart.

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