End of the Year Reflections – 2017: Finding Balance

On many levels, 2017 was one of the biggest years of my life. Between getting married, moving, and taking on the most photography projects I have ever had, the year felt like a whirlwind at times. But with everything going on, I am grateful I was still able to accomplish one of my goals: finding balance.

I feel so much of life is about finding balance. That also applies to photography. From a creativity standpoint when taking pictures for clients, I often found myself walking that line between wanting to try something completely different and sticking to the formula that has worked many times in the past. It is definitely a delicate balance. I noticed I stretched myself in shooting at new locations, new composition/framing, etc. But on the other hand, being grounded in the techniques that have been tried and true have provided consistency.

From a workflow and workload standpoint, finding balance is equally important. After shooting weddings for many clients over the years, I was in the position of having to plan my own wedding in 2017. That process on top of photographing for clients, editing sessions, delivering photos, and blogging made certain seasons very challenging. What was helpful was staying organized, visually creating detailed reminders/schedules, and more importantly, giving myself time to relax when needed.

It was a fruitful year of balancing time with family, friends, wife, and my creative work. I feel very blessed and definitely look forward to what 2018 has to bring. To all my clients and everyone who has supported me, I thank you. 2017 was awesome…2018, bring it!

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