Julianna and Joe’s Seattle Wedding

Weddings always seem to bring something new to the table. Whether it’s connecting with people from diverse backgrounds, to seeing unique bridal attires, I’m constantly reminded of my client’s creativity. Some dresses are matte, while others are more vibrant and saturation. Certain groomsmen rock a traditional tie, while others go with a bow-tie. As I’m looking out for these details throughout the wedding day, I find myself thinking time and time again, “That’s so cool.” This is one of many aspects of a wedding that excites me as a photographer.

Julianna and Joe’s wedding was no exception. While they hosted their wedding in Seattle, they actually flew from Hawaii to tie the knot. Some of their family members were in Seattle, so it was a mixture of the Pacific Northwest, Polynesian Islands, and Fiji. They definitely brought a bit of Hawaii with them, as Julianna’s sister, friend, and Joe’s groomsmen each performed some awesome cultural dances during the reception.

Even though I haven’t met Julianna and Joe until the wedding day, we had great chemistry right away. I can’t say enough how easy it was to work with them. Every smile was genuine. Each laugh made the entire wedding party relax. Julianna mentioned that she met Joe back in Hawaii at school when they worked together at the Cultural Center. She said they were used to performing dances together, and it really showed when I photographed them. They’re true naturals in front of the camera. Congratulations to this lovely couple! Hope you can visit the Pacific Northwest again some day.