Jacqui and Aaron’s Fall Engagement Session @ Discovery Park

A few months back, I met with Jacqui and Aaron for the first time at a coffee shop. As we chatted about their upcoming wedding, it was refreshing to see how down to Earth they were. They mentioned wanting their engagement and wedding photos to be simple, but also natural and meaningful. We definitely accomplished that during their engagement set at Discovery Park in Seattle, WA.

First, I have to give major props to Jacqui and Aaron for braving not only the cold, but the intense downpour of rain their the set. It wasn’t the typical light Seattle rain. Instead, it felt like buckets were coming down at several points. They shrugged it off and made it work with style. The park still had an abundance of fall leaves, as some were stacked on the ground while others remained stuck on trees. This variety gave us some awesome backdrops for their session.

I also want to point out how simple and coordinated their clothing were. It really matched the vibe and setting of the fall day. We started off with some cover from the rain, provided by the what I like to call an “abandoned bus stop” at the park. Next, ventured out to the fields to take photos next to leaves and this amazing tree filled with vibrant leaves. We wrapped up the shoot by having Jacqui and Aaron throw on their rain jackets, umbrella, and embraced this element of the Pacific Northwest.

Despite the rain, they had smiles all around. It was a very fun shoot and I can’t wait to work with them again next year on their wedding day!

Neshia and Blake – Beautiful Seattle Wedding

Locations: Volunteer Park | St. Mark’s | Rainier Chapter House
Wedding Coordinator: Cake and Lace

Neshia and Blake started off their wedding day at Volunteer Park in Seattle, WA. Dressed in her custom-made wedding dress, Neshia slowly and nervously made her way up to Blake for their First Look. The reactions were memorable, as Blake smiled and joyously complimented her.

The rest of the day proceeded with a ceremony at St. Mark’s Church, which was just down the street from Volunteer Park. Their family and friends warmly welcomed them in as they tied the knot! I  had the honor to also capture an intimate moment right before the ceremony, where Neshia and all her girl friends surrounded her with prayers and warm wishes.

The evening concluded at the Rainier Chapter House. It was quite the venue! I liked how the venue preserved a lot of that rustic and “Victorian-like” design. It was the perfect venue to finish off a memorable day for Neshia and Blake. Congratulations again you two! It was truly an honor to capture these moments for you.

Ada and Sopheap – Anniversary Session @ Lincoln Park

It’s always an honor to me when a couple is willing to take some time out of their actual anniversary day and spend it taking pictures with me. I appreciate Ada and Sopheap for making it out to Lincoln Park (located in West Seattle) on their anniversary to take part in this fun session. Although it was the first time we’ve met, there was an instant connection between us, as we chatted about the growth of Seattle, their relationship and how they met, and of course, photography.

We started off the session in the back trails of the park. I located this specific spot where the sun was slowly setting between several trees, creating a ray of light and warm ambiance.

Next, we worked our way down to the beach where golden hour was upon us. Even though it was the last few days of summer in Seattle, the warm soft light provided an intimate atmosphere for Ada and Sopheap as they enjoyed their anniversary.